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Women's steady progress in Bangladesh praiseworthy

DHAKA, May 31, 2017 (BSS) - With the passage of time, women in Bangladesh are approaching forward and their contribution to national economy is praiseworthy. Women are making their success stories in all sectors, including education and health.

Nowadays, Bangladeshi women are not only working in Armed forces and other law enforcement agencies; they had also conquered top of the Mount Everest.

The steady progress made by the Bangladeshi women was highly appreciated by different countries, which was also working as encouragement to put their steps ahead outside of their habitats.

According to a report published at a seminar on women's conference at the 136th Conference of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), about 81.8 percent women across the globe have become the victims of various harassments. Of them, 21.68 percent women MPs were harassed sexually and furthermore 25.55 percent had been abused physically.

In comparison with many countries of the world, the condition of women in Bangladesh was far better, though nothing was to feel complacent with it as about 77 percent female internet users have become the victims of cyber crimes in Bangladesh.

Many female internet users are regularly raising complains about their harassments as they know a little bit about proper use of the technology, thanks to the incumbent government for taking various steps to stop such harassments.

People of all walks of life must help continuation of the preset trend of women uplift in the country.

On April 17, a female constable took her live after being raped by a sub-inspector. But respective officer-in-charge of the police station did not take the issue seriously, when the victim tried to lodge a complaint against the SI.

Had the OC took stern steps against the SI, it would have become a glare example in the society. Unfortunately, it did not happen.

Bangladesh is much ahead of India and Pakistan in terms of women empowerment, education, healthcare status, job opportunities and political activities for women. According to the 'Global Gender Index' of the World Economic Forum, Bangladesh is to the front of all among the South Asian countries.

In Bangladesh, women are currently holding the post of head of diversification including, prime minister, speaker and leader of the opposition.

Besides, many women are working as deputy commissioner, vice-chancellor and even election commissioner. The incumbent, government is working relentlessly to strengthen women's position in the country.

Progress of women can be assumed bearing in mind the health sector of Bangladesh. The rate of maternal death declined to 143 from 570 in one lakh. The maternal death has declined to 69 percent.

According to the report of Geneva-based Economic Forum titled "World Gender Discrimination Report" Bangladesh is top among Asia Pacific region on the enrollment women. Not only in primary education, women's participation in secondary level is 53 percent. The percentage of woman students in university level is about 33 percent.

Educationist Rasheda K Chowdhury said female students' enrollment both in primary and secondary level had got a same status because of different programmes undertaken by the incumbent government.

Participation of women in agriculture sector has increased remarkably. Women labour in agriculture sector was 38 lakh a decade ago while the number is now one crore 38 lakh. The participation of women in agriculture sector is increasing day by day.

Every year, the number of women farm labourers increases 17 percent. According to a Brac study, the number of women farm labourers has increased 20 percent in the last five years.

Director General of Manpower, Employment and Training Begum Shamsunnahar said the number of overseas labourers not stood at 49 percent.

Agriculturist and media personality Saikh Siraj said: "Women are working as the gatekeepers in ensuring food security. Our agriculture sector has achieved silent revolution with the participation of women farm labourers. Their contribution to readymade garment sector is also known to all."