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Ranu Bala lifts her family out of poverty

DHAKA, June 3, 2017 (BSS)- Ranu Bala has transformed herself into a successful fighter against poverty. After her long battle, she has been a successful woman to lift her family out of extreme economic hardship.

Ranu, a resident of Panjorbhanga village under Kaunia upazila of Rangpur district, was a simply housewife like other rural women. Her husband Monoranjon, lone bread earner, struggled to meet family needs.

When her husband had no works, all of them faced starvation. This extreme reality was normal incident of their life. Ranu Bala hunted to find out ways to eliminate the curse of poverty.

Once she received training from a local NGO on how to rear cow. Ranu Bala converted her training into highly productive means for earning money through her hard work. She just started her journey with only one cow.

Ranu Bala also contacted with local upazila livestock office to know better about best producing cattle. She started to apply her acquired knowledge for rearing her only cattle. With her hard labour and utter dedication, Ranu Bala collected a handsome amount of milk and started selling at local market. This is how a simply poor house wife has become economically self-reliant through building a dairy farm.

Alongside ensuring her employment, she recruited some women for her daily farms. Many villagers are following her footsteps how she has been successful for rearing cows.

Ranu Bala won many awards including Bangabandhu Agriculture awards for her extra-ordinary life changing initiatives for eliminating poverty.

She said alongside male counterparts, women should involve in income generating activities to earn money for bringing solvency in their family.

"If the government comes forward to provide training and loan facilities to womenfolk, many housewives will be economically empowered in society," Ranu Bala added.

Woman right activists told the news agency that there are many social and family barriers for women in both rural and urban setting, which undermines their potentiality.

As patriarchal mindset strongly exists in society, women development initiatives face obstacles to lift them out of poverty hindering their dream to become economically self-reliant," Farheen Hassan, President of AIUB Women Forum, said.

"Although they are trained on different income-generating activities, women in slum areas in Dhaka city could not overcome family related hurdles on their ways of becoming empowered economically because of male dominant-mindset," she added.

She, also worked as a research fellow at the project titled "Exploring the pathways of economic empowerment of the women living in slum of Sutrapur and Gandaria funded and initiated by British Council and Action Aid", said women living in urban slums are often denied their access to livelihood related activities as they are forced to engage in household works because of patriarchal structure of society.

As women make up 50 percent of total population in the country, they need equal access to every spheres of development for ensuring their dignified life. Like Ranu Bala, many women would become economically self-reliant, if they get support from society and as well as family.