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Tale of Marjina, in her stiff life-struggle

DHAKA, June 13, 2017 (BSS) - Any person can achieve success in life with strong will force, hard work and firm dedication. Sometimes this tough world forces people to get into darkness, but if there is will and determination anyone can tire up all threads of hindrance and odds.

Marjina Begum of Daulatdia in Rajbari district is a glaring instance in this regard. Marjina, who once was entrapped in four walls of as red light zone due to her poverty-stricken life, has now become the torch bearer of enlightenment to other ill-fated young sex-workers.

Marjina extends her hands of cooperation to the less fortunate and helpless young women trapped at the brothel. She also teaches the education-deprived children of the brothel.

The oppressed women usually dream of independence holding the helping hands of Marjina, who had to grasp & groan once for freedom of herself. In recognition to her contributions, she has been decorated with the best award of 'Jayita' (Most successful woman) of Rajbari district more than once. She has also got the national level honour for best Jayita.

Marjina Begum, who has been kindling the light in the life of others crossing over her dark life, is the daughter of a small trader Abdul Karim Mollah of Aratpatti area of Goalundo upazila in Rajbari district.

She is the eldest of three daughters of her parents. She has to take refuge and grown up in her maternal grandfather's place as her father died at her tender age. Her marriage has also taken place at her maternal grandfather's place. But, her married life doesn't last long for more than six months due to torture inflicted upon her by her drunkard husband.

After her separation from husband, in reality, she had to step into another world as she had to wage another stiff life-struggle for her survival. The story of her return to normal life after hurdling across many upheavals of her dark-life is also a source of inspiration to anybody.

Marjina Begum said she was married to one Abdur Rab Mridha of adjoining Faridpur district in 1996. But her husband was intoxicated in liquor. Her married life did not last long for more than six months. After that she had to run her family by selling local pancakes after separation from her husband.

At that stage of her uncertain life, a pimp with his sugar-coated words could convince her and took her to Sirajganj, where she was housed in a brothel. Marjina then took as granted the dark-life in the brothel as her fate.

In 1988, she came to the brothel at Daulatdia of Rajbari district from Sirajganj. At that time an irresistible desire for returning to normal life surfaced in her mind all of a sudden. She began to dream of leading a normal life to that of others in the society.

This irresistible desire of hers was the encouraging source behind the floating of Mukti Mahila Samity (Independent Women's Society) solely with self-initiative at Daulatdia Rail Station area at that time and she then started her return journey towards the path of light.

She began to break all the shackles of darkness with the journey of Mukti Mahila Samity, which has now turned into a place of trust and dependence for those oppressed and helpless women.

Marjina Begum, who has started her career in a brothel in her young age and surpassed a hard reality of life through her tough struggle, has been recognised now as the best successful woman (Jayita) in Rajbari district.

With the initiative of Mukti Mahila Samity, Marjina Begum has set-up a children's school named Shishu Bidya Niketan at Daulatdia where a total of 180 less-fortunate and helpless children and victim tiny-tots of river erosion have now been studying. The school has created employment opportunity for 35 persons including some 28 oppressed women.

When asked about the children's school, Marjina Begum said there was no good education facility for those under privileged children of Daulatdia brothel and those of the river-erosion-hit adjoining areas.

Noore Safura Ferdouse, women's affairs officer of Rajbari district, said Marjina Begum has set up an imitable instance for others to follow ensuring the opportunity of education for those oppressed and less fortunate women creating the scope for their employment.

She also informed that in recognition to her services to the society, she (Marjina Begum) has already been decorated with the best Jayita in Dhaka division last year and she has been awarded with best Jatiya this year also for her immense contributions to those less fortunate and oppressed persons.