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Bangabandhu talks of independence, Pakistani military ruler resigns

DHAKA, March 03, 2015 (BSS) -The non-cooperation movement called by
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman continued, peacefully. Through a press statement he congratulated the nation for observing the political programmes successfully.

Bangabandhu asked the government of Pakistan to pay salaries to the
government employees, who were not paid till then. He also asked all
government officers to attend office from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. for the next two days for the purpose of disbursing and receiving salaries.

Meanwhile, in a secret memorandum the US Embassy told its Washington office that Bangabandhu had told journalists "off the record" that he would announce the equivalent to independence on March 7. He, however, went on to add that the two wings would frame their respective constitutions and then meet to discuss if some kind of relationship could be maintained between them.

The memo also said that at least one Pakistan Air Force C-130 was seen flying in to Dhaka and there were recurrent reports of forces being flown in to Dhaka by Pakistan's commercial airliner. There were also reports of troops moving in through ship.

It concluded by saying that "it is known that there is pressure from some elements in the military to make a quick repressive strike against the Bengali leaders in hopes of cowing them and the rest of the province."

The chief of the Pakistan administration in East Pakistan, Lieutenant General Shahabzada Yakub Khan, resigned in protest against President Yahya's refusal to visit East Pakistan.

Shahabzada Yakub Khan was replaced by Lt-General Tikka Khan.