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Hartal withdrawn, Bangabandhu orders non-cooperation movement

DHAKA, March 7, 2015(BSS) - Following Bangabandhu's historic speech of March 7, 1971 the situation in Bangladesh changed dramatically: The country took orders from him.

The writ of the Pakistan government no longer worked, despite the hovering of Tikka Khan's helicopter over the meeting.

The Pakistanis had heard rumors that Bangabandhu might order the people to make a rush for the cantonment!

Reassured that it was not the case, the Pakistanis continued their
military build-up for an eventual crackdown on the Bangalees while the Bangalees tried to organize as best as they could to face the outcome.

Black flags were flying on all rooftops and cars while some also raised the new national flag. There was revolution in the air and it was all-pervasive.

Besides, Bangabandhu had also unfolded a program of several directives for the civil disobedience movement. They were:

1. Not to pay taxes and asked the government servants to take orders only from him. 2. The secretariat, government and semi-government offices, High Court and other courts throughout Bangladesh would observe Hartal. Appropriate exemptions will be announced from time to time. 3. Railway and Ports may function, but railway and port workers will not cooperate if railway or ports are used for mobilizing of forces for the purpose of repression against the people of Bangladesh. 4. Radio, Television and Newspapers shall give complete versions of Bangabndhu's statement and shall not suppress news about the people's movement; otherwise, Bengali workers in these establishments shall not cooperate. 5. Only local and inter-district telephone communication shall function. 6. All educational institution shall remain closed. 7. Banks shall not effect remittances to the Western wing either through the State Bank or otherwise. 8. Black flags shall be hoisted on all buildings every day. 9. Hartal (strike) is withdrawn in all other spheres but complete hartal may be declared at any moment depending on the
situation. 10. A 'Sangram Parishad' should be organized in each union, mohallah, thana, sub-division - under the leadership of local Awami League units.

People's rule" by Bangabandhu, became the order of the day. The Bangalees were supremely disciplined and dedicated in this matter. Every man, woman and child scrupulously following the dictates of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib asked for black flags to be raised on roof-tops for a week. He again asked for total shutdown and that no money is transmitted from the East to the West for an indefinite period.

In the evening of March 8, 1971 Tajuddin Ahmad, general secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, on behalf of the party, issued several
clarifications and exemptions to mitigate public hardship and to prevent damage to the Bangladesh economy.