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Evidence shows heartrending atrocities by heinous Pakistanis

By Asraful Huq
DHAKA, March 10, 2015 (BSS)- Many publications during the Liberation War in 1971 verified the testimony of inhuman torture and atrocities on Bengalis perpetrated by the Pakistani occupation forces.

"To the Conscious of the World" and "Exploitation in Bangladesh at a Glance", were two such publications in which heartrending descriptions of Pakistani atrocities, especially on the women were mentioned.

Maleka Begum on behalf of Mohila Parishad published a 15- page booklet titled "To the Conscious of the World."

Describing the horrific atrocities, the booklet mentioned, "Rape of women of every age, their organs cut to pieces as the victims die screaming, pregnant woman having her unborn child bayoneted inside her stomach, infants snatched away from their mothers' arms and thrown into flames, young children being thrown up in the air and then spiked with the bayonet tipped rifles at the tiume falling down of bodies - These are but a few of the horrors committed by Yahya Khan and his blood hounds."

There was some description of the places where occupation Pakistani forces kept Bangladeshi women as hostage. The places were: Teachers Training Centre, Patia, Boalkhali Thana; Jaberganj High School, Mirersharai, Chittagong (100 women made hostage for 700 Pakistani soldiers); Madhusudan High School, Chandpur: and Tongi Telephone Corporation Building. There were also some case studies, pictures of genocide and atrocities on women in the booklet.

At the end of the booklet, they requested the women to come forward to support the War of Liberation, saying, "This way, not only shall the assassins patronized by Yahya Khan be driven out but the cause of emancipation of women of the whole world may be further strengthened."

A brochure titled "Exploitation in Bangladesh at a Glance" published highlighting various aspects of the Liberation War of 1971.

In the brochure, there was a portrait of Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman addressing a rally, on
the cover page.

There were pictures of five ministers, numeral description, pictures of atrocities on Bangladeshis by Pakistani occupation forces and activities of the freedom fighters inside the brochure.

At the end of it, there were chronology of special events taking place since 1948.

Bangladesh government and different organizations published various leaflets, booklets, brochures and books to depict the War of Liberation to attract public as well as international support
in favour of the war.

There were some government publications on the war which was
mentioned in the "Swadhinata Juddher Dalilpatra," printed by

Highlighting the atrocities of Pakistan occupation force and their local collaborators during the War of Liberation in 1971, the brochure called upon all to come forward to stop heinous killings, saying, "It is genocide - come, let us kill barbarous invaders."

Noted historian Professor Dr Muntassir Mamoon in an article "Thy Name is Freedom" in his edited book "Muktijuddher Chhinna Dalilpatra" mentioned it.