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people defied martial law orders

DHAKA, March 13, 2015 (BSS) - People all over Bangladesh defied martial law orders and refused to go to work on March 14, 1971 as well.

Mian Mumtaz Muhammad Khan Daultana, Chief of the Council Muslim League said that (Bangabandhu) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's demands were quite reasonable and should be accepted to end the present political crisis in Pakistan. (The Dawn, Karachi, March 14, 1971)

Syed Siddiqul Hasan Gilani, Chief of the Parliamentary Affairs of the Jamaati Islami, said that the responsibility for the present crisis lay with Mr. Z. A. Bhutto, the People's Party Chief, who had aggravated the situation by threatening to boycott the National Assembly session on March 3. (The Dawn, Karachi, March 14, 1971)

Maulana Mufti Mohammad of the Jamaat-i-Ulema-i-Islam said:

"In spite of the disastrous gravity of the situation in East Pakistan, of the tremendous heat and pressure generated there and the scope thus given to disruptive forces, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has shown his stature and his firm commitment to the solidarity of Pakistan, by putting in the present crisis four demands that are not in the least parochial or regional, but exclusively based on a national approach."

Mr. Zulfikar All Bhutto, Chairman of the Pakistan People's Party addressing a public meeting In Nishtar Park, Karachi said there were two Wings of the country. The People's Party was in (a) majority in this Wing and the Awami League in East Pakistan. If power was to be transferred to the majority parties of the two Wings, it should be given to the Awami League in East Pakistan and to (the) People's Party in West Wing.