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Some Pakistani poets took up pens supporting 1971 war

By Syed Shukur Ali & Asraful Huq

DHAKA, March 20, 201(BSS)- It may sound unbelievable though, some brave Pakistani poets lent their unstinted support writing more than 300 poems to the cause of Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971.

Some Pakistani intellectuals including litterateurs, short story writers and journalists also took up pens in favour of the Bengalees in 1971 war.

"I had collected 200 poems written in Sindhi language, over 50 from Pashto areas, 20 from Baluchistan, some from Punjab of Pakistan and some others in Urdu and English languages supporting the Liberation War of 1971," noted historian Professor Dr Muntassir Mamoon mentioned it in an article.

In the article titled "Muktijuddhe Simanta Gandhi Pakistanider Ja Bolechhilen" in his edited book "Muktijuddher Chhinna Dalilpatra", he also said, "A book of 500 pages with the collected Pakistani poems may be published."

"Some Pakistani novels and short stories on the war were also
found," he mentioned in the article.

They formed an organization titled "Pakistan Forum" to support the Liberation War of 1971.

Many Pakistanis including intellectuals, journalists and politicians had to suffer imprisonment and inhuman torture as they came forward to support the war through their writings.

Pakistani poets Ahmed Selim and Habib Jaleb had gone through inhuman torture and suffered jail for writing poems supporting the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

At that time, some Pakistanis including Majhar Ali Khan, Tahera Majhar and Asgar Khan gave a statement supporting the war. Asgar Khan's son, who was in the Pakistani army, was also held and tortured for his father's statement.

With a view to attracting public and international support to the war, Pakistani intellectuals formed a corps titled "Pakistan Forum" (PF). Its main motto was to inform the world community about the justness of the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

The PF published a booklet of 80 pages titled "East Bengal: roots of the GENOCIDE" with the help of Friends of East Bengal to inform the world community about the Pakistani atrocities on Bangladeshis.

Firoz Ahmed, who wrote essays on French and American newspapers, was Secretary of Pakistan Forum. There were some essays and articles in the publication.

Professor Dr Muntassir Mamoon in articles "Anek Pakistanio Agie Asechhilen Amader Pakkhe" and "Muktijuddhe Simanta Gandhi Pakistanider Ja Bolechhilen" in his edited book "Muktijuddher Chhinna Dalilpatra" narrated the role of Pakistani intellectuals in the War of Liberation.