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"1971 atrocities, the most shameful episode in history of human race"

By Asraful Huq and Mahmudul Hasan Raju

DHAKA, Mar 05, 2016 (BSS) - An American who worked in a rural area of the then East Pakistan throughout the period from March to December in 1971 termed the atrocities committed by Pakistani occupation forces as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the human race.

After witnessing the nine months atrocities in East Pakistan in which 30 lakh (three millions) people were killed and over 2.30 lakh women were raped, the American wrote a powerful indictment of the Pakistani Army and it auxiliaries in theses terms: "It is definitely one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the human race and it happened in the enlightened 20th century."

He apprehended that it will happen somewhere again, if the nations of the world take no steps to prevent it.

Describing the inhuman atrocities in East Pakistan during the War of Liberation, he wrote "For nine months all human rights were completely suspended in East Pakistan. Not only the government and the Army, but every soldier with a gun had supreme authority over life and death and property and could use that authority at will---."

"---The military reign of terror in East Pakistan was directed almost exclusively against the unarmed civilian population---The final figures of all this horror, the full extent of the terrorism and of the denial of every human right will probably never be known."

Taking about the number of martyred during the War of Liberation, the American wrote, "A million may have died, or two million or three---The exact number is really immaterial."

He also wrote, "There is hardly a phrase of this Article (Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, 1949) which does not appear to have been violated on a massive scale by the Pakistani army and auxiliary forces throughout the period from March 25 to the surrender of the Pakistani forces on December 16 (1971)---"

Terming the Pakistani atrocities as inexcusable crime, he said, "The massacre of unarmed civilians, the destruction of villages, and parts of towns, the rape of women, the torture and intimidation of prisoners, the taking and killing of hostages, the frequent executions without trial, the failure to tend to the sick and wounded, all these, wherever they occurred, were inexcusable crime---"

Talking about evidences against the Pakistani occupation forces of committing crimes against humanity during the War of Liberation, he also said,"---there is abundant evidence that war crimes committed by the Pakistani army and auxiliary forces and that many crimes against humanity were also committed."

(Source: Rajakarer Mon (Perception of Pakistani collaborators) by Dr. Muntassir Mamoon)