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2,500 razakars joined Mukti Bahini in a day

DHAKA, March 27, 2016 (BSS) - Around 2,500 people, who were forced to join razakar bahini (an auxiliary force of the Pakistani army), left it in a day alone and later fought for Bangladesh against the Pakistani occupation forces during the War of Liberation.

A razakar, who later turned into a freedom fighter, told this in an interview with the Weekly Mukti. The interview titled "Araihazar Razakarer Daltyag" (2,500 left razakar bahini) was published on October 10 in 1971.

The razakar turned freedom fighter in his interview said, "Many left razakar bahini. There were many razakars who helped the freedom fighters secretly. Many people had to enroll their names in the razakar bahini temporarily for saving their lives."

Replying to a query, he also said, "We thought that we would have to live forever with hatred life after being identified as enemy of Bangladesh and Bengalis. But, we thanked the authorities concern to give us scope to join the Mukti Bahini."He also said, "Basically, all the thieves, dacoits and hooligans joined the Razakar Bahini."

Noted historian Professor Dr Muntassir Mamoon in his article "71-er Muktir sob copy, pachatturer par police gayeb kare" (Police hid all copies of Mukti of 1971 after 1975)" in his edited book "Muktijuddher Chhinna Dalilpatra" mentioned it.

The publication of Mukti as the mouthpiece of Bangladesh Liberation War started since September 3 in 1971 from Mujibnagar (really Guwhati) in association with Assam Rajja Sahayok Samity (Assam Province Associate Samity). Former MCA Khandoker Abdul Malek of Muktagachha Mymensingh with an assumed name Ibne Adam published the weekly as its editor.

"Police hid all documents and books on the War of Liberation and all the copies of Mukti after my arrest on December 12 in 1975," Mamoon said quoting the editor of the Mukti. Only one copy of the weekly Mukti (sixth edition: 15-10-1971) was found.

Although the Razakar force started operation since May 1971, the then Pakistani government abolished the Ansar Bahini and turned it into "Razakar Bahini," proclaiming the Razakar Ordinance on August 2 that year, according to historic documents. In collaboration with the Pakistani force, the Razakar force committed killings, genocide and other crimes against humanity during the nine-month-long war.