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Rajshahi's women marching forward after overcoming obstacles

RAJSHAHI, March 20, 2017 (BSSS)- Uroshi Mahfila Fateha is now a successful entrepreneur in Rajshahi city. She had to face many obstacles to attain the success. As its recognition, she got Joyeeta award here. But, her beginning wasn't delighted.

Uroshi, a resident of Upashahar area, says after passing HSC in 2006 she got admission into Department of Fine Arts in Rajshahi University. Side by side with her regular study, she started drawing works on sharee in house. Her fame increases day by day besides rising demands of her works.

Uroshi had initiated her energetic works with purchasing inputs worth Taka 2,000. Now, she's owner of a big commercial organization. Her products are also being exported. She provides jobs to 20 women on monthly payment system. Besides, 1000 other women are working there on daily wage system. Uroshi taking her and others forward only depending on her strong mental strength and willpower.

Not only Uroshi, many other women entrepreneurs are contributing a lot towards strengthening the economical foundation of Rajshahi. Thirty skilled women are working in Niloy-Osman Motor Industries Limited side by side with 172 male workers here, said Mahmudun Nabi, Administrative Officer of the factory.

Many underprivileged and distressed women have become self-reliant through working in boutique houses in the metropolis contributing a lot to the society in many ways.

This way, women participation in economic activities is gradually mounting. Participation of rural women is also significant.

"We have founded 'Angona Boutique and Fashion' and being operated by our Angana Mohila Samity successfully making more than 100 women income-generator," said Iffat Ara, director of the samity. Similarly, Daudpur Mohila Koliyan Samity is running Shefali Boutique and Mohona Mohila Kolyan Samity's Mohona Boutiques transformed at least 175 other women self-reliant.

"We have linked around 50 women with skill development training for their livelihood," said Anwara Begum, President of Dashmari Distressed Women Welfare Association.

After completing their training they are doing block, boutique and embroidery works in their respective areas and many of them attained their long-cherished economic emancipation.

The office is implementing a project titled "Women Skill-based Training for Livelihood" in order to make the underprivileged and neglected women especially divorcee, widow and financially backward self-reliant.

Under the project, the targeted women are given three-month training on various trades like sewing, block-boutique, embroidery, beautification, food processing and mobile phone servicing. They were also given financial and some other requisite supports after training.

"Raziya Sultana, 25, of Dharampur Bazekazla earns around Tk 400-500 per day after making and selling cloth bags for shopping and now she is on the afoot to divert her long-lasting poverty and hunger," said a local community leader.

District Women Affairs Officer Shahnaj Begum told BSS that the project intends to involve the socially backward women to the country's overall development process and the beneficiary women are becoming self-reliant.