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Fish farming in cages brings boon for many Narsingdi youths

NARSINGDI, Feb 13 (BSS) - Fish farming in cages, a new form of fish farming, changed the fate of a good number of youths in the district during the last five years.

District fisheries officials here said a number of youths in Narsingdi Sadar, Raipura and Monohardi upazilas have been farming Monosex Tilapia fish in the floating cages in Meghna river and its tributaries.

Besides some youths in Monohardi upazila have been farming the same fish in the floating cages in Arialkha river during the last five years, they added.

Raihan Sarker of Dattapara area in Narsingdi Pourashava first started fish farming in four ca ges in Meghna river in 2011on experimental basis.

After getting better output, he expanded fish farming in cages. Presently he has been farming fish in 150 cages and in every four month, he produced 300 to 400-kg fish from each cage.

Seeing the success of Sarker, many youths of the area started this kind of fish farming. With the assistance of local fisheries department, over 350 youths has been farming fishes in cages at present.

District Fisheries Officer Mohammad Tofaj Uddin Ahmed said fish farming in cages has introduced a new era in this sector.

He said fish farming in cages is more profitable. A farmer in one cage with 10 feet length, 10 feet wide and 6 feet high, can produce 400 to 500-kg Tilapia fish in every four months.

He added fish farming in cages has brought a laudable change in the rural economy of the district and it created employment for rural people fulfilling the demand of nutrition.