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Getting recognition as MVC major success of Bangladesh in COP 15, PM tells JS

SANGSAD BHABAN, Jan 27 (BSS) - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today told the house that in the Copenhagen Climate Conference Bangladesh had tried to remind the world community about their responsibilities to face the adverse impact of climate change on different small states like Bangladesh.

"The major success of Bangladesh in the conference held between December 7 and 18 in Copenhagen was that the world community had to recognize it as the Most Vulnerable Country due to climate change across the world," she said.

Replying to a question of treasury bench member Alhaz Advocate Md. Rahmat Ali, she said Bangladesh in the conference has proposed to formulate separate adaptation funds for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Most Vulnerable Countries (MVCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and keeping the density of greenhouse gas within 350 PPM.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh also demanded to provide
technological support to the LDCs, MVCs and SIDs from the
adaptation fund required separately.

In this context, she told the house that in the inaugural
session of the conference Nobel Laureate and Chairman of Inter
Governmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) Dr Rajendra K
Pachauri has called for standing beside Bangladesh while world
leaders including US President Barrack Obama and UN Secretary
General Ban Ki Moon also mentioned Bangladesh's vulnerability to
the climate change.

Besides, it was mentioned in the Copenhagen Accord to
constitute separate Adaptation Fund of Taka 30 Million Dollars
for LDCs, MVCs and SIDS following the demand, the Prime Minister

"Under the Copenhagen Accord the developing countries
including Bangladesh will get 10 billion US Dollars each year
during the period of 2010-2012," she said adding that there was a
commitment to increase the financial assistant up to 100 billion
US Dollars each year by 2020.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh has demanded to specially
consider Bangladesh's cause to get allocation from the fund as
the Most Vulnerable Country of climate change.

Above all, the Prime Minister said, Bangladesh will get the
opportunities of getting allocation from Climate Change Fund and
technical cooperation as the Most Vulnerable Country following
inclusion of the clauses 5, 8 and 12 in the Copenhagen Accord.

Replying to a supplementary from the main questioner, the
Prime Minister listed her government's plans and programmes to
face the grim challenges of climate change saying that it had set
up a 100 Million Dollars Adaptation Fund to this end.

Apart from this, she said her government is implementing
capital and maintenance dredging in all major rivers to maintain
their navigability while it has a plan to constitute a multi
donor trust fund to face climate change challenges.

Besides, the Prime Minister said that more allocation has
been given to expedite research programes to produce salinity,
draught and water submerged resistant crops to this end.